Head Gasket Sealant

head gasket sealant

Hello sir, I have a Dodge Ram 1500 5.2 liter v8 4×4 automatic transmission. I had a blow out on my bypass hose the other day and the truck was overheating naturally. So I replaced the bypass hose, water pump, thermostat (dropped it boiling water twice to make sure it opened) and the upper and lower hoses. Flushed the system for about 20 minutes while the pump was off.

Put it all back together and filled it up with the proper amount of coolant. still overheated, radiator cold, white steam out the tailpipe, heater did not work.  Just blew cold air, boiling sound from block, cold hoses, little white goo on oil cap and pcv valve.

So I decided to buy the Barr’s Leak head gasket and block repair bottle. did as exactly instructed.  Let dry with all hoses disconnected for 2 days to make sure it took hold. well, after I flushed it again and put it all back together and ran it once with heat on for 15 minutes it didn’t overheat and heater worked fine.

Checked the oil….brown and ok. well then I test drove it with and with out heater on and let run for 30 minutes at idle. There was still no overheating and heater works great. BUT..here is where I need you…the white steam or smoke from the tailpipes is still there.

I start the truck and there’s no smoke then it gradually builds up and blows out, I stuck my hand in one tail pipe and it was dry the other was wet but looked like water, didn’t have a tint or smell like antifreeze did. so I have white smoke and wonder what I did wrong. please help me here sir..I’m going crazy.

Thanks a million



Hi there Sammy

It does sound a little odd….POSSIBLY a head gasket issue. I would first get a cooling system pressure test and see if the test shows an internal or external coolant leak.  If it shows an internal leak, or you still want to try something to see if it will stop the smoke….then I would try the head gasket sealant I talk about on my site here.

I would not use it as the can directions describe, but as per my instructions on the page below.  It has worked great for me and my customers, hope it cures your issues as well.

Head Gasket Sealer

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Austin Davis

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  1. Cameron Holmes says:


    I appreciate the info found on your site. My car is having symptoms of head gasket failure but it is a 2002 Cadillac with a Northstar engine and I’ve heard they are sometimes difficult to diagnose or repair. Do you think the K&W product would work in the Northstar engine?

    • Austin Davis says:

      Thanks Cameron. I have had 4-5 visitors email me over the years telling me their Northstar was repaired with the K&W…it would be well worth a try.

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