Hail Dent Remover – How to Remove Hail Dent From Car

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Hey there Austin. What is a good repair kit for hail dents?

Hey there Don

We don’t get much hail here in Houston so I can’t honestly give you a recommendation. We have tried using dry ice on top of the dent (old school method) and it actually did help some, but I have not tried anything else personally.

The theory is that if you place dry ice on top of the dent, then allow the heat from the sun to warm up the metal it will “pop” back into place. We tried this years ago on some very small hail dents and it did seem to help some, enough that the customer was happy anyway.

There are “paint less dent removal” companies that do good work on door dings etc, they might be worth a shot. Look in your phone book or ask a local body shop for a recommendation.

I have seen some pretty large door ding type of dents get pushed back into place and it looks pretty darn good…and MUCH cheaper than repairing and repainting.

The problem with hail dents is there is usually alot of them, so it might not be cost effective to have each one worked on. Replacing the hood for example might actually be cheaper than paying to have each little dent pushed back into place…if that is even possible in your situation.

Sorry cant help more than that

Austin Davis

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