Hail Damage On My Car – Is There a Do It Yourself Repair Kit I Can Buy?

Reader Question Hi Austin,

I searched your site for information on hail damage, but didn’t find anything. Indianapolis just had a hail storm like we’ve never had before and my vehicles took a pounding. Is there a technique or tool I can get at an auto parts store for pulling out a hundred small dents?

Hello Rob,

We don’t get a lot of hail damage in Houston. I have heard of old timers say placing dry ice over the dent while the car is out in the hot sun can pull out a few small hail dents, but I have never tried it personally.

I have tried some of those dent pullers from the auto parts….and had mild success with them. We have a hand operated suction cup in my body shop….and pull out dents with it, but it is mainly for larger dents in hoods, roofs and door panels.

You might look in your phone book for a few mobile paintless dent repair places. I have used them a few times….and it works pretty good. Not sure how they will treat many small dents…but might be worth a phone call.

Austin C. Davis

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  1. lindsay says:

    dry ice does not work, dent suction puller things (sorry im a girl) doesnt work either, heat does not work, ive tried them all, my hood is so dinged up, they want 1500 to fix it BUT i found something to cut the cost over in half, i found a new primed hood on ebay, one for both cars for 150 with free shipping and the first place i called said 200 to paint it to match my car so 350 versus 1500….i think im just ganna order a new hood! pretty smart!

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