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Guide When Driving During Summer

When summer is approaching, with it is the high temperatures that greatly affect driving ability. If temperatures exceed 36 degrees, the heat causes fatigue and drowsiness, and slow reaction to stimuli.

For this we have in place the air conditioner with a temperature range between 19 and 24 degrees. Choose comfortable clothing that are elastic, especially if the journey is long. Bring some soft drinks and eat light meals, and of course make stops every two hours.

We recommend that before making a long trip, be sure to have plenty of rest the day before and during the trip making stops every two hours.

We should set the trip well in advance before leaving.

Avoid the days and hours with more traffic.

Make sure everyone wears a seat belt properly positioned, and if you travel with children, be sure to close the door locks and remember that children under twelve years old must ride in the rear seats.

On the highway, you can always move the right lane. Always provide as far as possible the addition of vehicles from access. Keep a secure distances.

Remember that in case of accident or breakdown, you should exit the vehicle, marked, leaving the shoulder and stand behind the protective fence.

We have to maintain controlled pressure of the tires, check the drawings for wear for any area and also review the internal edges.

Check levels and condition of engine oil, this may vary depending on the temperature and weight of the car, we may need another type of oil.

Baggage must be positioned so that we do not hinder any kind of vision.

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