GMC Yukon Needs a New A/C Compressor – $1700??

Reader Question Austin,

My wife’s 2001 GMC Yukon XL is having air conditioning problems. It makes a noise under the hood when accelerating, yet when she turns the AC off the noise stops. After reaching cruising speed, the noise stops. Now, however it is not blowing cool air. She took it to the dealer service center and they told her she needs $1,700 of repair work done. Where should I go from here.



Ouch…..$1700! I would assume you need a new air conditioning compressor?? If that is the case, I would call around to a few independent shops in your area and get some comparison quotes.

You want an A/C DELCO compressor and a complete clutch assembly, an accumulator drier and an orifice tube.

Before you take it somewhere else, I would ask the dealer if there was anything else they were going to do…..just so you don’t find out the hard way that there was additional work they had intended to perform. If not, you should be able to shave off $300 or so depending on where you live.


Austin C. Davis

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