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1996 GMC Safari Van Fuel Gauge Fluctuates and Check Gauges Light On

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Hi I’m Richard and I have a 1996 GMC Safari van and I had a new fuel gauge put in the tank about 1 year ago and now my gauge fluctuates and just recently my check gauge comes on and off every 30seconds what is the problem I’m poor and cant afforded the work and would like to try to fix my self can you help thanks Richard

Hi Richard,

I would have to run some tests to really see what is going on, but if the fuel gauge is bouncing around…I would suspect the fuel sending unit located inside the tank has a problem…could be a faulty gauge, or something could be broken inside the tank that is causing the “float” on the sending unit to move around more than it should. Is the check gauges light red?

If so, you better get that looked at…it might mean you have an alternator that is not charging the battery…and it will leave you stranded. If the light it yellow…it might just mean the on board computer system saw a problem at one time and turned the light on, if the light continues to come on….you better get that looked at. It is probably not related to the fuel gauge…just guessing.


Austin Davis

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  1. Dean Mesecar says:

    windshield wipers are variable speed but only work on high.

    • Austin says:

      Could be a bad muli function switch…the lever on the steering colum, or a bad pulse module board inside the wiper motor. You can try wiggling the wires to the wiper motor under the hood with the wipers on but not operational to see of they start to operate. If they do the pulse board on the wiper motor is bad and is sold separately from the motor at the dealership

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