Geo Metro Radiator Overflow Tank is Full of Sludge and Dirt

Reader Question Hi there Austin!

I was checking out the article on How Do I Flush My Radiator and I’ll tell you why – since you asked! I recently purchased a 1996 Geo Metro so I could afford to go somewhere besides back and forth to work! We had a recent spell of very hot weather here – as did the entire nation – and my engine got a little hot one day so I decided to check and see if there was enough coolant.

I can’t even see the coolant in the reservoir because there is so much gunk attached to the inside of it! It’s slimy gray gunk and I want it out of there. I’m no mechanic but I’m assuming that if it’s in the reservoir, it must be all through the system. So, do you think flushing it will clean that out?



Hi there Shirley

I would be more concerned with the coolant level INSIDE the radiator itself than inside the coolant reservoir. Take the cap off the radiator and look inside (with the engine cool please). Can you see the coolant level and is it greenish in color? If it’s very low, you probably have a leak somewhere in the system and need to have a “cooling system pressure test” done by your mechanic.

If the coolant is NOT green- greenish, but full, then you might want to flush it out and put in new coolant. Best way to look a the coolant is with a turkey baster or something that will allow you to suck up a sample of the coolant and put it in a white Styrofoam cup so you can inspect the color.


Austin C. Davis

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