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Geo Metro Makes a Squealing Noise When I Start The Engine

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I have a 1996 GEO Metro that is making a squealing sound when I start the car. It lasts only about 30 seconds or less and gets worse when I push the gas. When I open the hood and listen, it sounds like it is coming from where the belts are, but the belts look and feel fine.

When I barely push on the gas, sometimes it makes a softer squeal. When you pull the cable from the pedal to the alternator, it makes that softer squeal.

I recently had the CV shaft replaced and brakes and bearings. Also all new tires.

Any suggestions?

Hi there Serena,

A loose or out of alignment fan belt still come to mind here. Try spraying a LIGHT mist of water, like from a plant sprayer bottle onto the fan belts as the engine is running. if the noise changes or goes away, its a belt related issue.

Austin Davis

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