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Fuel pump cut off switchHi Austin, my Hyundai Elantra was hit on the passenger side quarter panel by a driver who cut me off. It was a fender-bender, but the car will not start. The engine turns over, but nothing more.

The tow truck driver suggested the impact might have tripped the fuel sensor. Does this mean it has to be replaced…or is something that can be reset? Any ideas about what else could cause this? There were no other indications of a problem before the accident.
Thanks! Emily


Hi there Emily

Some cars have a fuel pump reset switch that gets tripped when there is an impact. This is for safety reasons so fuel is not being pumped everywhere.

I am not certain if and where “inertia switch” is located exactly but take a look on the passenger side for a red button. Look under the dash, in glove box, down near your feet and the side of the center dash console area where the radio and air conditioning controls are but on the passenger foot area.

Here is a video talking about the fuel cut off switch on FORDS

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Austin Davis

Reader follow up

Thanks so much for the tip! If I am able to find the switch and reset it successfully, does that mean the fuel sensor is still reliable and doesn’t need to be replaced? I’ll give this a try and let you know.

I really appreciate the advice!!


Hello again Emily

It’s just like a fuse at your house, it can be reset and is still good. Your owners manual might have the exact location. Inertia switch or fuel pump cut off is the proper terminology. You might have a fuel pump cut off relay, I do not have a diagram of your particular vehicle to be sure. Call the Hyundai parts department and ask them where it is located on your vehicle….either a reset switch or relay.

Please share this with your friends
Austin Davis

Reader follow up

Ok….thanks a million, I’ll give it a try. I did look up Hyundai online after your first response. There seems to be some confusion over whether Hyundai has an inertia switch or a fuel rollover relay. In any case, I’ll give my best shot.


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  1. Sherry says:

    Exactly what I needed to find out thank you for your help

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