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My Free Car Repair Ebook

Hi there, thanks for visiting my site. Awhile back I wrote a very popular 142 page Ebook ( an electronic book you read online…very easy to do by the way) and I have been selling it online via my many websites for $19.95 and sales have been great.

I have been asked by a few visitors for a free version….and I want to do something better than a free trial copy…hoping you will upgrade to the paid version. I want to give away my full version and all the really cool bonuses for FREE!!!

I really hate to “upsell” people…I am a tell it like it is guy and I hate surprises.

So what do you have to do to get your copy of ALL my popular ebooks?

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I am also including these fantastic bonus items!

Free bonus one: Don’t Get Scammed After an Accident . The tow truck driver, body shop, auto insurance company and YOU! This is a reference guide to help you deal with the headache that follows after having an auto accident. Automobile repair help in a nut shell.

Supplements, salvage value, depreciation and betterments–what does this all mean to you? If you don’t know what those terms mean, you could be in for a rude awakening. We have been in the body shop business well over 25 years, this concise 8 page report WILL save you time and money! ($19.95 value)

Free bonus two: Stop Paying For Cheap Auto Parts. Is your auto mechanic selling you cheap auto parts at brand name prices? How to get the quality auto parts you are paying for. Don’t just ask to have your old auto parts back, use this simple technique to make sure you are getting the parts you paid for.

Are you getting cheap parts installed unknowingly, but paying brand name prices? There is a good chance you are. This is a popular “switching game” some shady shops..and some “honest shops” use to increase profits at your expense. Stop this from happening to you. ($19.95 value)

Free bonus three: The popular eBook The Motor Oil Bible exposing the myth of the 3,000 miles engine oil change. If you change your oil every 3,000 miles you will want to read what lubricant expert Michael Kauffman has to say about it. This is the complete version, not a trial offer. ($29.95 value)

Free bonus four: The “Everything Automotive Ebook” Explains how your car works in easy to understand language and pictures. If you ever wondered what your mechanic was talking about when he called up and said your ball joints need replacing… you need this Ebook. ($19.95 value) This is a PC only application…sorry.

OVER $90.00 In FREE Bonuses!
A real dollar value not an over exaggerated number

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  1. Tom says:

    I would like to check out your 3 free ebooks about car repair.

  2. ebrahimi says:


    would you please email me or send a link for downloading of your 3 ebooks about car repair?


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