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Free Auto Repair Manuals – At What Cost?

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Reader Question: There has to be a free online auto repair manual somewhere on the Internet, where is it?

You can find ANYTHING for free on the internet if you really look hard for it, but if you are looking for a professional repair manual like Alldata, Chilton, Haynes or Motor for free…forget it, if you do find one like from a Peer to Peer network like, it will be ILLEGAL if you download it. If you find one of those, someone has electronically copied the material from the manual and put it on their computer…which is stealing.

Can I be blunt here? Alldata is the best auto repair manual on the planet, it costs $24 a year…less than ONE oil change. Would you really want to “steal a copy” when you can buy it online for $24? Is it really worth the possibility of getting in trouble for having a stolen copy? Alldata manuals are “code locked” meaning they need a password to access the material, and if you are using someone else’s password from your computer…Alldata can track you down.

Your computer has an IP address, which can be used to track your downloads from places like Kazaa or any illegal music download source. This is how those people were caught a few years ago when the Napster case was big news. So, in short…be safe, be legal and own the best auto repair manual on the planet and sleep well at night knowing it.

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  1. I need instructions on repairing 2006 Dodge stratus thermostat. Also does g
    the housing gasket hold housing in place?

    • By Austin Davis says:

      Easiest thing to do is follow the upper radiator hose to from the radiator to the engine, where the thermostat is located on the engine. There should be a flange with 3 or so bolts holding the thermostat housing to the engine. Remove the bolts and the thermostat is under the housing. There is a gasket or oring that seals the housing to the engine.

      It’s kinda rare for a thermostat to go bad these days, so you might want to get a good diagnosis of the problem before you start replacing parts.

  2. john says:

    i have looked also… i am bothered that they don’t offer a 7-15 day trial or something of the sort… i use a hard cover copy myself… just don’t like poor service… most companies offer a short free trial of products…

  3. lt says:

    I too looked for this info and came up empty. I have a large collection of Haynes manuals and Chiltons hard cover books. I purchased one of their misleading Cds thinking; WOW; NO MOCARRYING THAT THICK BOOK!! As you already know, it allows one car per purchase . To buy the entire line up wouldcost you more than the big book. You could actuall buy several. anyway … all of my copies are real, and if theres something i need that im not going to use frequently ; i use this secret society of book collectors…. theyre called …THE PUBLIC LIBRARY!!!! just a tip for your readers. lol

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