1999 Ford Windstar Transmission Shifts Funny When Engine Gets Hot

Reader Question Hi I got a 1999 Ford Windstar 3.0L I’m having some problems when the engine gets hot,a soon as the temperture gage gets to the midle the engine runs very poor and tranny dosent wanna shift into 3 0r O.D or down or upshift like crazy(engine dosent overheat at all),before getting the needle temp. gage to the middle, everything its perfect,please could u help me,


That’s a good one!!! I don’t know of a problem like this with your vehicle. If you truly think this all starts to happen when the temp gets to normal, then maybe the computer sees an overheating issue and wants to shut the engine down.

I would probably first make darn sure the engine is NOT overheating and that the information the gauge is sending you is correct. Check the radiator coolant level and make sure it’s full.

If the engine is NOT overheating, maybe you have a problem with the temperature sensor, the sensor that tells the engine how hot it is, not the temperature sending unit which sends data to the dash gauge. Your mechanic can read the computer data and see what the sensor says the temp is when the problem occurs.

I do remember there was a problem in the alternators of some Ford Explorers, that would cause the transmission to shift funny and the fuel pump circuits to overheat and make the pump surge causing the engine to run bad. Not sure if those alternators are on your model or not, but you can unplug the alternator when the problem is happening if you want to rule out the possibility.

Austin C. Davis

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