Old Ford Truck Runs Then Dies and Won’t Restart Until It Cools Down

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I am having trouble with my 1985 Ford F-250. It will run then quit. when it cools it will start up again. There seems to be an engine module on the fender wall and possibly an ignition module on the distributor. How can a shade tree mechanic test figure out the solution.


You probably have a silver box module on the fender well under the hood. The best test, just replace it…its harder to catch it in the act and test it compared to just replacing it. What you describe is a classic module failure.

You can sometimes pour cold water on the module when it fails and it might restart. If you see what looks like glue that has been dripping out of the module….then replace it for sure. That is the silicone backing that has melted because it has overheated.

You can get the modules at any auto parts store. I usually just look at the color of the plastic where the wires connector is, red, blue, yellow or brown I think are the only options. I don’t look them up I just match the colors.

If you don’t have the module on the fender well, then your gray colored module is on the side of the distributor – don’t pour water on that one!!


Austin C. Davis

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