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Ford Repair Manual – Which One is Best?

Reader Question: I need an auto repair manual for my Ford F150 Pickup, would Alldata be my best bet or would Chilton or one of the others be better for me?

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Hey there

Alldata, is the best online auto repair manual for all manufactures, in my opinion. There are so many benefits of being able to access the information you want online, than in the traditional hard bound book method. The price is about the same as Haynes or Chilton, if not just a touch cheaper, so why not buy it?

Awesome step by step diagnostic data, perfect wiring diagrams with color, recall data, technical services bulletins that will really really really save you lots of time and money solving issues that the dealerships know about but no one else does. I’m serious when I say, ANYONE can repair their car with Alldata!

Austin Davis

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