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My 2000 Ford Mustang is Not as Fast as it Should be It Vibrates and Shakes

Reader Question Hey I had a question about my 2000 Ford Mustang. I bought it used so i dont know anything about it but when im driving everytime I push on the gas pedal it just jerks real quick like I stepped on the gas pedal real fast, and also whenever I come to a stop therez a vibrating noise and it shakes the entire car coming from my engine.

I think its on the passenger side then goes to the right side. I have no idea whatz wrong with this car. i had just replaced the fuel pump on it. And another thing that really gets me…I raced my friends 1997 Ford Mustang and she smoked me real bad.

We have the same engine, but I have alwayz thought my Mustang is slow and she showed me up. Did I buy a lemon? Hope u can help.

Hey Therez April,

I really need more information before I can even try to guess at what is wrong with your car. I would however check a few basic items that can cause symptoms like you describe.

1. Does it need a tune up, spark plugs, wires etc. etc.

2. Have you added anything to the engine, any racing components or is it still stock, if anything was added on to the engine, I would make darn sure it is working properly and that it was designed for that specific engine and model.

3. Why did you have the fuel pump replaced? Lack of fuel volume caused by a weak fuel pump or a restricted fuel filter could cause sluggishness…which is why your friend kicked your butt

4. Have you had the engine mounts checked? A broken or worn engine mount can cause a vibration and shaking at idle

5. Ignition timing, have it checked – if the timing is not set right (called “retarded” – really it is) then you will not get all the power from the engine – which could lead to getting your butt kicked.

6. Does the service engine soon light come on the dash? If so, you have a problem and need to get it looked at.

7. Are you sure your engine and your friends are the same? 5.0 Liter? Do they both have the same transmission….auto or standard, what about the rear end? She might have a different rear end gear than you which is why her car is faster?

Keep me posted…you little racer you.
Austin C. Davis

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