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1986 Ford Mustang Distibutor Pick Up Coil Won’t Come Out

Reader Question Am trying to replace pickup assy in distributor. Manual only tells how to remove & replace distributor. Took screws out of pickup assy & removed copper colored plate (2-5/16″ bolts). Assy won’t budge. Do I have to remove distributor to get it out? Does round base that the copper colored plate was bolted to come out? If so, how? If not, am I better off to just spend the extra $50 to replace the whole distributor?

Note: Previously replaced ign module, cap, rotor: ’86 parts called for in book are wrong. Had to use parts for ’87, so keep that in mind.

Thank you


Hello there Joe,

To be totally honest, you are better off replacing the whole distributor. With that old a vehicle, that coil is probably rusted real good to the shaft, and banging on it to get it loose will probably damage the shaft. Spend the extra money, or go visit your local salvage yard for a used assembly.


Austin Davis

Follow up

Thanks Austin…it was much easier to replace the whole distributor…and was not much more cost. thanks!

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