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Ford Fiesta Heater Not Hot and Engine Oil Light Is On

Reader Question Hi.

I have a ford fiesta chicane that broke down a few months ago and required a new engine, so as you do when you want nothing else but to get back on the road, I purchased an engine and had it fitted by the local garage.

This is where the little problems started!


The oil light has been on ever since it was fitted but over the last month or so it has been going off and coming back on every so often. The guy at the garage said it might be a faulty pressure sensor. Could you please let me know what you think the problem is?


Before the new (second hand) engine was installed the heating worked fine, but ever since the engine was installed I’ve had nothing but the outside temperature which at this time of the year is literally ‘freezing’. Could you please let me know why you think this is, and what I will have to do to resolve it?

Thank you ever so much for your time.


Hey there James,

The oil pressure sending unit COULD be at fault and causing the red oil light to illuminate….I would have the mechanic make sure the oil sending unit is indeed installed and working correctly…if in doubt, replace the oil sending unit…it’s a cheap and easy GUESS. Other issues that could cause the red oil light to come on would be a weak engine oil pump..which your mechanic can test with a manual oil pressure gauge. Replacing the oil pump is NOT easy or cheap and might be under some kind of warranty on the newly installed engine.

On the other issue with your heater. Make sure you have water/antifreeze INSIDE the radiator and feel the heater hoses to make sure that the hoses are getting hot. Here is more on the subject. See if you can pin point the problem…if not email me back

Heater Core Problems


Austin Davis

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