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Ford F-150 Pickup

Reader Question: My Ford F-150 Pickup 4×4 dies while diving down the road. I put in a new fuel pump and it still does the same thing.

I do not know what to do? Will please help me?

Think you.


Hey Victor,

You are missing one of the key ingredients to start a gas engine, spark, fuel, and compression.

Does the fuel pump have power to it, and does it run? If no power to the pump, check the fuel pump relay for power.

Is there spark at the spark plugs? If not, check the distributor and ignition coil and ignition relay (depending on year model).

Is there compression and ignition timing? Did the timing chain break or jump time? The engine will usually spin over much faster than normal and sound much different since there is no compression or piston movement inside the engine.

Austin Davis

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