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2001 Ford Explorer Engine Won’t Stay Running With Foot Off Gas Pedal

Reader Question I have a 2001 Ford Explorer with 44,000 miles. Recently, especially after it has not been running, the car will start but not stay running with really holding down the accelerator for a few seconds.

I thought it was due to the cold weather because it seemed to start and run fine the rest of the day. This morning, it would not stay running. It will start, stay running as long as I give it gas, but as soon as I let off it won’t stay running. I would like to have some idea prior to taking it in to see someone.

Hi there Andrew,

There are two things that come to mind first.

1. A dirty throttle body and idle speed control motor – both of which your mechanic can easily clean for you as maintenance if nothing else.

2. A dirty MAF sensor (Mass Air Flow Sensor) – I believe they started to use these on the Explorer in 2000, so you probably have one. Your mechanic can clean this for you as well. The dealer will want to replace it, but most independent shops will clean it…..and 99% of the time there are no problems doing so.

If you know what I am talking about… can do these items yourself, if you don’t…I would pay your mechanic to do them for you. It’s just my GUESS, but I’m pretty sure that is what the problem is.


Austin Davis

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  1. Heather says:

    I found this most helpful in troubleshooting my problem, however, with the same exact symptoms, I found my problem to be the Idle Air Controller (IAC). Cleaning it helped only slightly, so I replaced this part and she runs like a champ now. Hint: tapping the housing with a wrench changed the RPMs immediately and this after cleaning and getting the SUV to barely stay running.

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