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Ford Expedition Check Engine Light is On

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I own a 1999 Ford Expedition with 80,000 i am a 24 year kid who owns this suv for 3 years now i do beat on it its a 8 cly …

I have changes one of my coil packs and it seem like its doing this again idle all messed up hesitant on gas i my check engine light is on

My question to u i filled up my gas the night before all this problem started could it be bad gas now i have a warranty on the truck dont know if covered had to call and ask but should i let it run out of gas and but hi octane in it or bring it in asap

Hey there Kid

I think I would take a look at the simple things first, worn out spark plugs and spark plug wires first come to mind. If you have an engine “miss” it will turn on the check engine light, and the idle and performance will suffer as well. If those plugs and wires are original, they are due for a change regardless if it fixes the problem or not.


Austin Davis

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