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Dear Austin:

I would appreciate your view on the following:

I have an Escort 1.8 l model 1998 car with a Zetec E motor and EEC iV engine control.

This is a model made by Ford here in Argentina.

The car is running find in every respect except when it goes into the idle mode,as when a go into neutral in an intersection or when the car in front slows down,or even if I keep it idling for any other reason.

In that situation one out of ten times the motor dies.

Some times it starts cycling between 800 RPM and 100 RPM until it dies.

We have change the air control valve, IAC as this appear to be the most sure suspect.but without result. An electronic check-out does not show any fault.

Have you seen this fault ?

Best regards

Hola Carlos
I would clean the throttle body bore (follow the black air filter hose from air cleaner to the inlet of the throttle body) …clean out black carbon around the “vane” or flapper valve that you will see inside once you take the hose off.

And also clean the idle speed control motor itself, they are probably both dirty with carbon. A MILD solvent and a rag or tooth brush works best, or if needed use gasoline and a rag or tooth brush to clean them.

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Austin C. Davis

Here is a short video about how to clean a throttle body if you want to do it yourself.

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