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1995 Ford Escort Engine Noise – Is It the Lifters or Oil Pump?

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Hello Austin~

I have a question about a 1995 ford escort. The engine started to make a loud noise, I believe it’s the lifters. What would cause the lifters to make a loud noise? Plus, the car was getting hot. Did the oil pump fail or is something clogged, or does it simply need a oil change? The oil was changed less than 6 months ago.


Hey there

If you don’t have proper oil circulation in the engine, yes your lifters will start to “clack” and make a tapping noise. If the engine goes without oil long enough, that tapping noise will turn into a louder, clapping noise due to the pistons and bearings running out of lubrication.

What you need to do is have a mechanic manually check the oil pump pressure. He can screw in a pressure gauge in the oil sending unit hole and take a reading at the engine. If the oil pump is working, you might have something broken in the top of the heads that are making the noise, or the oil from the pump might not be making it up high enough in the head to lubricate the lifters.

If the engine fails to get proper lubrication, it WILL overheat because of the internal friction that is taking place inside. If you just want to try something yourself….like most people do, you can buy a can of Marvel Mystery Oil additive from your local auto part store and add the can to your engine oil. This is Of course make sure you are full of engine oil as well. I really think you need to stop driving this vehicle before any more damage occurs, and take it to a mechanic for a proper diagnosis.


Austin Davis

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