Ford Escape Hybrid – What You Should Know

Ford Escape Hybrid

It looks like Ford Motor Company seems to be turning a corner, as the sales of the new Ford Escape hybrid are breaking all sales records and doing better than expected, as sales go through the roof and into orbit. Ford dealers across the country are flooded with consumers who want hybrid cars.

What is fueling this incredible run on the market for American made hybrid mini-SUV Ford Escape? What do you think? That’s right high gasoline prices at the pump in President Bush’s statement; America is addicted to Middle Eastern foreign oil and some consumers are saying; the hell we are!

But what you may not realize is that there is another thing that is fueling the sales and that is the Bush administration’s instant tax relief on the purchase of hybrid cars. And it is naughty little about either; $3400. Ah ha, where are you going? Oh, I see you’re going down to your local Ford dealership in check out the new Ford escape hybrid, well you are not alone and they did great gas mileage to. And that is exactly what you need right now isn’t it?

Although the Ford Escape hybrid has a corny advertising program sponsoring Kermit the Frog, they also have 60 months with zero percent interest on the loan. Ford says that some consumers really be able to get as much as $6000 in tax relief on either the Ford Escape hybrid or The Mercury Mariner Hybrid. Is there a hybrid in your future?

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