Ford Cougar Noise In Power Steering Sometimes?

Reader Question

Hi I have a Ford Cougar and just this last week I have noticed that I am getting a noise when I turn my steering wheel left or right. It is more pronounced if it I am going round a roundabout or turning at a junction. Any ideas.

Many thanks Yvonne

Howdy Yvonne,

I would first check the power steering fluid level and top off if needed. If you have to add fluid more than once during an oil change interval, I would suspect you have a power steering fluid leak in the system somewhere and should get it inspected.


Austin Davis

Reader Follow Up

Just thought I would let you know that I took your advice and checked the power steering fluid, it was indeed down. I have now topped this up and there is no more noise.

To be honest I thought it was something much worse than that and that it was going to cost a fortune.

Many thanks


great New Yvonne

Thanks for the update. Glad it was something simple…I knew you could do it.


Austin Davis

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