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Ford Bronco Has a Whistling Noise From the Carburetor

Reader Question I have a 1978 Ford Bronco and it whines like a baby. Pop the hood and a whistling sound is somewhere around the carburetor. I tightened down the carburetor bolts, performed an ether test, and plugged any unused vacuum ports. The Bronco runs great but the whistling noise is very noticeable at idle and is audible inside the cab. HELP – please

Hey there,

Still sounds like there is a vacuum leak somewhere or you might just be running lean on the carburetor and it needs adjustment. Get a can of WD40 and carefully spray around in the intake manifold and the carb. If you have a leak it will suck in the spray and increase the idle speed. WD is flammable so don’t spray on spark plug wires or near the distributor etc. etc. If you still don’t find a leak, you might have an internal carb problem.


Austin Davis

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