Buying Teen or First Time Driver Auto Insurance

Once you own a car, you need auto insurance to protect yourself and your vehicle from damages, in case of any future accidents. Before selecting an auto insurance company, decide what coverage you want. Legally you must buy the stipulated basic minimum coverage. Beyond this, decide if you need comprehensive and collision coverage.

You need personal liability insurance to protect your assets in case you cause an accident. Uninsured coverage is necessary to protect yourself from an uninsured driver. For every kind of coverage, decide upon the upper limit based on the legal requirements and your budget.

Next, survey the Internet, or refer to friends, and family for a list of reliable auto insurance companies. Once you know your insurance needs, contact an insurance agent or the company directly. Do not buckle under pressure to take unnecessary coverage or repair and replacement with local auto parts.

The insurance company must be credible, financially stable and have a good customer service. Check the state insurance department website for the company’s claims ratio and for any complaints against it.

Compare quotes from at least three companies based on your requirements. Talk to representatives of the companies and negotiate for some discount on the insurance premium.

It is important to know what the policy covers and does not cover – the upper limit on claims and the limit on the number of claims that can be made in a year. Do not go for just a basic coverage since it provides protection against nothing. It is worthwhile to pay a little extra and get proper coverage.

Read the policy for hidden clauses that make you forfeit the right to sue and avoid such companies. Understand how to file claims and to get reimbursement for damages.

Now that you have the knowledge of procedures, you can choose the best auto insurance policy with good coverage at a nominal cost.

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