Filing Your Auto Insurance Claim

You take auto insurance as a protection against damages. Therefore, understand the nature of the policy and the claims settlement procedure beforehand. So if you meet with an accident, file a claim only if the damages are extensive.

Filing claims for small damages may mar your insurance record. Inform your insurance company immediately after the accident. Record all details of the accident, witness accounts, and details of the other driver, his insurer and address, involved in the accident. File a police complaint and get a copy of this report.

The other party’s insurance company may contact you for your version of events. In that case, stick to the facts and note the name of person you spoke to. Next, the company will send an insurance adjuster to examine the extent of damages to the car. Based on his assessment the insurer will approve repairs at a pre-approved workshop and reimburse seventy to eighty percent of the cost of repairs.

Ask your insurer to pay for general damages and hospital treatment costs if there is body injury. Always supplement the claim with copies of all the paperwork and medical bills to get proper settlement.

The settlement procedure may take a few days, so be in touch with the company, and follow up on your case until you receive the reimbursement.

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