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Fighting Traffic Tickets

Beat Traffic Tickets

You’ve been charged by the police and received a traffic ticket. It is alleged that you have committed a traffic violation that you may or may not be guilty of. What now?

Most people (about 96%) think that if they get a traffic ticket there is nothing they can do about it and they just pay the traffic ticket by mail.

Beating a speeding ticket is a feeling unlike any other. If you’re crafty, persuasive, believable, and real; you can usually come out on top. But there are a few items of note to remember both in dealing with the officer and dealing with a judge.

Be humble: Remember, you are the accused. You stand before the police officer with evidence, witness, and charge against you. You have to prove your innocence. Whether you’re guilty or not, the first thing to remember is remember your place in this shuffle.

Even if you’ve made it to court, and you believe the officer isn’t there or won’t show up, don’t act too bold or cocky as the judge may just stick it to you for trying to pull one over on everyone. And remember, when you think you’re fooling everyone, chances are you’re NOT fooling anyone!

Be honest: I know, that seems silly to say, especially if you actually were speeding, but the easiest lie to tell is always the truth. Whether that means, “I thought I was going the speed limit” or “I didn’t realize the speed limit decreased,” whatever! If you’re going to tell a fib, make sure it’s a true fib. Which leads me to number 3?

Maintain a storyline: If you start telling all sorts of different stories, it’s going to stick. The officer or the judge or whoever is going to notice a shift in story; it’s their job, it’s what they do. So if you’re trying to tell a line, make sure you keep the line.

If you figure a different line and you think that’ll work better, don’t try and be slick about it. Just tell them: “Well, I thought ____, but actually, when I thought about it _____.” Keeping your stories straight helps keep everyone a little more sane.

Thank them: Police officers and judges are all just doing their job. So if you get pulled over and try and speak to the officer and he gives you the orange slip, thank him! If you contest it, later on in court, the good karma you displayed earlier with the officer on the street, will be well rewarded. In general, an attitude of respect towards people in authority gets you things that disrespect does not.

Speeding tickets are never any fun, for anyone involved. Police would much rather be focusing in on the real crimes being committed and not be chasing around people just trying to test the limits. But if you do get caught speeding, following the tips above can help you get a leg up on anyone else and maybe, just maybe, help you beat the rap.

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This stuff isn’t rocket science. You’re just dealing with people and trying to get them to see things your way. You have very little to lose, and it’s a fun way to get to participate in the very government under which you live.

Think of it as your own personal crusade, and, if you push on, you will be amazed at how easy it is to find justice.

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