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I really appreciate all of you who visit my site on a daily basis, email me your questions and comments and give me thanks for the site and information I put here…thank you all.

I started a new website and wanted to tell my visitors about it and get your feedback and suggestions on how to make it better. I DO listen to all your comments and feedback, so thank you for taking the time to do so.

The new site is www.FinalDriveMotors.com and it sells excavator final drive motors. Now, I know that sounds pretty boring…and actually it’s not just a barrel of fun and laughs I have to admit but it is a great niche where I can help people just like with this site.

A final drive motor is a hydraulic and planetary gear driven motor found on excavators which in turn operates the metal tracks. An excavator is very similar to a military tank, it has a track on either side and a motor on both tracks for propulsion.

These “final drive motors” or sometimes called travel motors or track drive motors are expensive to replace and since there are 2 of them on an excavator and they have a lifespan of about 5-7 years, you WILL have to replace at least one at some point.

Until now, these motors were usually bought at the local dealership where the customer paid an arm and a leg…if not 2 arms and 2 legs for them.  My site has partnered with many quality replacement manufacturers which significantly reduced the purchase price to the customer.

We also set 2 industry standards…so far, a LIFETIME limited warranty, and wholesale prices to the public. When we started the website we asked ourselves, what would we expect if we were buying this motor for our machine?

So if you, or someone you know needs a travel motor for an excavator I would greatly appreciate if you would keep my website in mind first.

I am including a promotional video we made telling you more about the site and what we offer.  Please watch or share with your friends.

I appreciate your visit, your comments and suggestions and just appreciate YOU today.

Austin Davis

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