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What is This Ticking Noise Coming From My Car Engine?

I was wondering if you could help me out with my car. I just had the motor rebuilt 8 mo ago and my problem is when I go to start my car in the mornings it makes this real loud ticking noise.

Different from a lifter it is a lot harder and stronger that started about 3 weeks ago then the other day I hit a bump and it sounded like someone was taking a sledge hammer to my engine or something it is very loud you must turn the engine off and sit for a few minutes before it is ok again and it is starting to do it on every bump I I hit.

Hey there,

It sounds like you know what lifter noise sounds like…and you are sure it is not that. I would be concerned, and would have the mechanic who did the overhaul take a listen to it. It could be something like a harmonic balancer pulley that is bad, or it could be something serious like a main bearing or rod bearing that is coming apart.

If you want to rule out the possibility of the lifters being the problem, buy a can of Marvel Mystery Oil Additive at your local auto parts store and add it to the oil. It works GREAT to quiet noise lifters, and won’t hurt anything if the lifters are not the culprit. It’s a cheap and easy way to rule out a lifter issue. If you still have the noise…..get it listened to ASAP, continuing to drive it like that could do more damage.


Austin Davis

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