Engine Rattle Noise Cold 1999 Chevy Suburban 5.7

Reader Question Hi, I have a 1999 Chevrolet Suburban 5.7 4×4, recently it started to make a rattling noise from the engine, sounds like a rock got caught in the engine fan, sometimes its loud and sometimes its low. It only happens when i start the car to warm it up but once I take off after 3 minutes of warming up the noise goes away.

Can you please tell me whats wrong with my car? If its something really important I will take it to a mechanic right away but I don’t want to get ripped off, I just truly want to know whats wrong with my car so I can tell them I know what it is since I am a woman they wont try to rip me off since I’ll know whats wrong and tell them to fix that specific problem only.

Thank you for taking your time in reading this and i greatly appreciate it.

Hey there Foxxy!

I would recommend you leave the vehicle over night at your mechanic shop so they can listen to this noise first hand. This could be something as simple as an exhaust leak coming from the exhaust manifolds under the hood or a problem inside the catalytic converter.

I would first check the engine oil level and make sure the oil level is clean and full on the dip stick. Sometimes there is a clacking noise that comes from the valve cover area of the engine due to lack of engine oil on the top of the engine when the engine is cold.

Once the engine oil warms up it is easier to push to the top of the engine, so once the parts in the top of the engine are lubricated the noise will go away until the next cold start.

If you feel the noise is coming from the top of the engine, around the valve cover area you might want to buy a can of “Marvel Mystery Oil” oil additive and add a can to your clean engine oil and see if the problem goes away or gets better.

You can find this inexpensive oil additive at any auto parts store. It won’t hurt anything by adding it if you just want to try it and see what happens.

Austin Davis

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