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Engine Oil Leak

A car is an important investment for a person, and thus, it should be maintained and regularly checked for performance. However, there are really times when it can have some problems that need to be fixed. One of the most common problems encountered by motorists are engine oil leaks. There are many types of fluids that are used in cars to keep them functioning, and thus it can be confusing to determine where the leaks come from. The following tips can help you detect and trace oil leaks and what to do in these cases:

To avoid having major problems from engine oil leaks, it would be good to regularly check the level of fluids of your car, preferably at least monthly. You or the mechanic can do this. It is good to do this because damage can take place when the car runs out of a specific fluid. For example, when a car leaks the transmission fluid, air can occupy the system resulting to damage to hydraulic components in the car.


Using an engine oil dipstick can help you to measure oil levels of the car so you will know if it is still enough. If in the case that there are no indications that can be found from the dipstick, it would be good to add engine oil before the engine is started.


Another simple way to detect engine oil leaks is by utilizing a newspaper sheet or white cardboard. Park the car first, place the sheet or cardboard below where you think that the leak from the car comes from and make the sheet or cardboard in place by putting weight on top of it. In the morning, put some drops of transmission oil, engine oil, and power-steering fluid in the dipsticks and place them beside the sheet or cardboard. You can compare what fluid has leaked based on the color of the fluids, or if you are not sure, you can bring it to your mechanic.

The car must be maintained regularly in order to prevent problems such as this. Engine oil leaks must be detected early so further damage to the car can be avoided. The car can be prevented from being broken, money can be saved, and you can avoid from being stressed with doing the right measures and precautions.

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