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Loud Engine Noise In My Car After Replacing My Clutch

Reader Question Hi!!! Ok, I burned out my first clutch. I got it replaced by a mechanic on the side (not at a shop) When we started it up for the first time after the clutch was installed it sounded normal. After we got back from a test drive I noticed a weird noise coming from the engine. The check engine light didn’t even come on until the next day of driving. The night before, we had a very cold night (freezing) here in Texas it was around 28 degrees. I don’t know what could have happened to the engine it still runs strong. I’m thinking maybe there’s a spark plug that messed up or something, but I’m not too sure its safe to drive without messing it up.

I don’t know if it’s because the car was sitting for a while without being turned on, then it went through the freeze (with antifreeze), or the clutch installation. I hear the noise when I turn it on but after it warms up there’s nothing. What do you think? Please respond A.S.A.P. and I appreciate everything!!!!!

Hey there,

Can the mechanic who installed the clutch determine where it the noise is coming from? If he is knowledgeable enough to install a clutch, surely he can tell what is causing the new noise in your engine. This might be a simple exhaust leak at the exhaust manifold flange gasket…..which the mechanic probably had to take loose to drop the transmission down. An exhaust leak at the flange will usually go away once it heats up and expands.


Austin Davis

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