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E85 Flex Fuel – Is My Vehicle Capable Of Running On E85?

Reader Question Ok…my question is: Is the 1995 Chevy Astro E85 compatible? Also is there another manual available other than Chilton available? This manual does not show me what I need to know. Any input would be appreciated…thanks!


Hi Amber,

I was just about to call it quits for today when I got your email. Thanks for getting the quote. I personally am trying to learn all the new alternative fuel options that are available now…so this area is new to me as well.

Your current vehicle is not (to the best of my knowledge) equipped to run on E85, if you can even find it at a local fuel station! I am really not sure what it will take to convert your engine over to this new E85 fuel either…if it is even economically possible.

Your vehicle is not the most fuel efficient. Keep your tires inflated to the proper level, keep your air filter clean, use the lightest weight motor oil recommended for your engine, keep your spark plugs and spark plugs wire in good shape…that’s about all you can really do, although those things can REALLY make a difference in fuel consumption.

Here is some great info on E85 E85 Fuel Information

I find it interesting that E85 gets 25% fewer miles per gallon that regular gasoline…that really bites, I thought the idea was to be MORE fuel efficient! To me, it sure does not appear that using E85 will be more economical…just more “green” and Earth friendly…and riding the public transportation system would probably achieve both problems.

On the repair manual…have you looked at Alldata? Depending on how in depth you really want to get, I think Alldata online repair manuals offer some pretty good info, here is more about it.

Auto Repair Manuals

We use a more robust version at out shop…but it costs 100 times more

Other manuals are

Haynes Haynes Manuals

Mitchell Mitchell Manuals

Hope this helps, have a great weekend!


Austin Davis

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  1. john says:

    If e-85 gets 25% less miles per gallon the the fule should be 25% less in cost ,That seems fair. If not from one producer then maybe another. there are alot of them around and there looking for an outlet. Also it is American made .finaly something we can make here and maybe pay the dept down. I say do it lets ease into e-85. Lets let the tent maker make tents and the fule maker make fule. I say Americe it our calling. We need to make all our own equipment and do it.

    • Austin says:

      I am definitely no expert with E-85, and do not use it myself but from what I have researched it costs MORE to produce than regular gasoline. The US government subsidizes the corn farmer heavily to produce the ethanol. The impact on the environment is much higher as well, more fertilizers, more water, more diesel fuel in farm equipment etc. etc.

      The cold hard facts are, our nation MUST learn to consume less fuel….as well as, water, food, electricity, paper etc. etc. Our nation is a nation of consumers. Do you ever hear the government refer to us as “citizens” nope, we are the American CONSUMER. We have to keep consuming more of everything to keep our economy rolling…and the roll has been a slow roll lately.

      I would much rather see the US government issue a 50% credit for every American that buys an American built Hybrid electric vehicle. Not a tax credit, but a voucher to pay 50% of the purchase price. So you as the consumer would pay 50% and the government would pay the other at the dealer level, no waiting to get paid or take a tax credit. You should also be given a 0 interest loan if needed.

      1. This would cut our imported oil consumption drastically. And put more emphasis on domestic oil production and the jobs it creates.

      2. This would put a lot of US auto workers to work, which the auto industry will be the biggest and fastest way to put our country to work and grow the economy.

      3. This would cut air emissions drastically

      4. This would save our government a heck of a lot more money than the $6 billion bailout that went to a select few of big banks.

      5. This would drastically increase R&D of new battery innovations

      We have to go back to being CITIZENS of this country and stop being consumers!

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