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Driver Side Electric Window Makes Noise In My Car

Reader Question

Hi Austin,

I have a 2001 VW Jetta and recently the driver’s side window started making a terrible noise when I would roll it up or down.  The window is working, but it sounds like something metal is clanging or grinding every time I push the button.

Do you know what could be causing this, and if it could be a costly repair?  I haven’t been using that window because I am afraid I am damaging something
every time I try to roll it down.

Thanks for your help!



Hi Liz,

I would assume it to be a problem with the window “regulator” which is the frame that holds the glass and the electric lift motor.  The interior door panel will have to be removed to see what is happening.

I would recommend you go to the dealership because the regulator and or the lift motor will only be available from the VW dealership (or junk yard) and will save you a step of having to order parts from the dealer and have them delivered to your local mechanic.

Austin Davis

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