Does Your Credit History Influence Your Auto Insurance Rates?

Few are aware of how credit history plays a major role in determining auto insurance rates. Auto insurance providers avail your credit report normally from three main credit report agencies: Trans Union, Experian, and Equifax.

Insurance providers consider your credit information with other factors to assess actual auto insurance rates applicable. They arrive at insurance credit score by using statistical techniques and methods to anticipate possible losses through your auto insurance.

Insurance providers assess your vulnerability for insurance claims through your credit history. If you have a good score, it means you are a responsible person and therefore make judicious use of your loan and credit accounts.

Being responsible also hints that you will drive carefully and hence, accidents would be nil or few. You are therefore a low risk to auto insurance providers and hence would receive low premium costs. Further, your credit report provides testimony to various factors. It shows number of your debt accounts with their types and balances.

Having few credit accounts and few active credit cards can get you low premium costs on your auto insurance. Consistent repayment of loans without any default or delay in payments makes you a low risk contender with auto insurance providers.

A long credit history is more helpful than a new credit account. Long record provides better testimony to your credit habits.

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