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Does Car Insurance Cost More With a Rebuilt Title?

Reader’s Question:

Will my car insurance cost more if I have a rebuilt title?



No. It might be harder for you to obtain the auto insurance you desire; even so, it shouldn’t cost you much more to insure a rebuilt car.

The cost of an automobile insurance policy, for either full coverage or liability insurance coverage, does not change if the vehicle includes a branded title; you have to pay about exactly the same. In case your rebuilt titled car is wrecked out once again, you’ll, nonetheless, receive money a lesser actual cash value payment than if it were built with a clean title.

Car insurance sector sources state that a car having a rebuilt or salvage title is usually worth, according to the kind of automobile and its age, in between twenty to Fifty Percent lower than a similar model vehicle with a clean title.

Auto insurance providers aren’t crazy about the thought of insuring salvage or rebuilt titled cars. A branded title on a vehicle usually implies that the automobile have been totaled out by an insurer already, which makes identifying its value tough. The safety of the car may come into question too.

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  1. confused says:

    so if a rebuilt titled car gets less compensation if it gets written off, why then insurance premium is NOT less? shouldnt that be the case? insurance pays less for non clean titled so in that sense, insurer should charge less to insure the vehicle right?

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