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2001 Dodge Neon Smoke Behind Steering Wheel – What Causes It?

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Dear Austin,

I am trying to figure out what went wrong with my car. I have a Dodge Neon 2001. Behind the steering wheel in the console where the handles for the wipers and the lights are, there was about a minute or two of smoke and the wonderful smell of burning plastic.

After that my lights went out, and only the headlights were on. It wouldn’t switch back to normal even after I flicked it. After a week of making it worse by driving with it like that, it smoked again and the highbeams went out, and now I have to hold it for the brights to stay on.

I just need to know in your opinion what is the part that needs to be replaced, or the multitude of parts that need to be replaced.
Thanks in advance,

Hello Shannan,

I would assume that your headlight multi-function switch caught on fire. If my memory is serving me right, I think there was a recall about that on your car. It would be worth a phone call to the dealership with your VIN code number. (You can find the VIN code on the inside of the door or in the driver corner of the windshield.)

Ask the dealership to check the recall list for this problem. They will have to remove part of the steering column and inspect the damage. This is not a repair you can do yourself unfortunately.

Austin Davis

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