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1996 Dodge Intrepid Battery Goes Down – Engine Won’t Start

Reader Question I’m having trouble starting my 1996 dodge intrepid. The trouble started happening when a friend tried to hook up a cd player but was unable as the player was missing a part. I did notice a loose battery cable which I tightened. Then, it was ok for half a day. Next time I tried to start it the engine did not turn. I have lights, radio,etc. However, when you turn the ignition with the headlights on they do dim. Do you think it could be something electrical from messing with the wires for the cd player? Thanks so much for your help.


Hi Debbie,

It might be totally coincidental with the cd player installation…and the need for a new battery. Can you charge the battery for an hour or so and then try to restart the engine? If the lights dim when you start the engine, you could either have a bad or weak battery, or a bad starter.

Its much easier to rule out the battery first, and if you can test it…or just replace it if it is more than 3 years old. Make sure the battery cables are clean and tight! If you can move them with your hands…they are too loose. Any corrosion on or inside the battery cables can cause problems as well.


Austin C. Davis

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