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Dodge Grand Voyager Check Engine Light Comes on

Reader Question My 1997 Grand Voyager Rallye is great, except one major un-findable problem: It cuts out (no, it does not stall completely, except when I slow down to a stop or at a red light) during driving. The “CHECK ENGINE SOON” light comes on for just an instant, then goes out again as the van continues driving.

It makes a ‘boom’ noise as it cuts out, then starts up again on its own. I have never had it stop completely while driving, but only as it is either slowing down or at a stop, as I said. It makes me think it is an un-findable problem and I will have to scrap a very expensive piece of equipment (can’t afford that!!!!!!!!)

It seems to be getting worse and it concerns me, since I am a woman driver. My husband is a mechanic, but even he cannot figure out the problem (of course, he does well on the older models without computers). Others have driven the van with sensors on the system and it is like the proverbial T.V. repairman…nothing happens when he’s there! 8={

Hi Carol,

Has anyone replaced the crankshaft and camshaft position sensors? I think if I was just going to take a wild guess…I would guess at the crankshaft sensor. Have you gone to the dealership for a proper diagnosis?

Austin Davis

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