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2001 Dodge Dakota RPM Jumps Around – Engine Surges

Reader Question

I have a 2001 Dodge Dakota truck, 64K miles, has had a complete tune up…Problem is that the motor seems to “surge” at times…more when using cruise control but some also when not using cruise….Seems more often when going up a hill but at times on level road.

The RPM will move from 1500 to 2000, or from 2000 to 2050, etc….I have had it at the Dodge dealership 3 times and they cannot find the problem…When they drive it, the problem doesn’t occur…You don’t feel it when driving around town but on a long trip you feel it off and on…Can you give me some insight as to what the problem could be? Thanks…Jimmy

Hey there Jimmy,

Man, I’m afraid you got me on that one. You did not mention anything about a check engine light being on…..if so, I would first read the computer codes and see what if any information was being stored by your on board computer.

The Dakota did have problems with the EGR valves in the late 90’s and a problem in the EGR system MIGHT cause the complaint you mentioned…..but I would suspect the check engine light to come on if that was the case. In most cases where the check engine light does not come on…..the problem is something like a fuel pressure problem. Lack of proper fuel pressure/volume can cause your complaint…..and would be a suspect since you mentioned this problem happens more often on an incline or when the engine is under load.

I would try to duplicate the problem by “power braking” the vehicle (one foot on the brake as the other foot gives the engine fuel) so the mechanic can run some tests in the shop while it is acting up. Intermittent problems like this are a pain for both mechanic and customer.


Austin Davis

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