Dodge Dakota Air Conditioner Blower Works on High Speed Only

Reader Question I have a Dodge Dakota( 2001). Yesterday after work, I found that the fan speed switch for the AC / heater only works on high speed now. All other speeds are equal to the off position. Any ideas at all? Thank you for your time, Tim

Hi Tim,

That is usually caused by a faulty A/C Blower Resister, which is inside the dash. I don’t recall ever replacing one in a Dakota…..but I am assuming it DOES have one since that is the common complaint when it fails, high speed only.

You should call the dealer and talk to the parts department (only place you are going to be able to buy it) make sure it is equipped with one, and get them to give you a print out of its location….if you want to try to replace it yourself.


Austin C. Davis

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  1. Terry Davis says:

    This is an easy fix. It is indeed the resistor and a better aftermarket part is available for about twelve bucks.

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