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Do I Need to Add Renters to My Car Insurance Policy?

Reader’s Question:

Do I need to inform my car insurance company about the people who rents a room from me?



You need to inform your vehicle insurance provider that you’re renting out rooms in your own home. Most likely your car insurance company might request the renters’ driver license numbers along with other info on them. This may be true if the people were renters of rooms in your own home or roommates of yours in an apartment.

Although it might appear unusual to list somebody not associated with you on your automobile insurance policy, it is perfectly normal for auto insurance providers to demand a policyholder to list other licensed motorists who live in the same household. What this means is any person you share the same address with: family members, roommates, close friends or strangers that rent out a room in your own home.

Individuals who reside in your household have access to your vehicle keys and automobile, as a result your vehicle insurance provider would like to evaluate which type of risk it is being exposed to.

When your auto insurance firm knows all your household members, it’s up to state laws and also the regulations of your car insurance company to know if the renters will need to be listed on your car insurance policy or not.

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