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Do I Need SR22 if I Got Full Coverage?

Reader’s Question:

I got full coverage on my car insurance, do I still need to get an SR22?



It isn’t the SR-22 form that causes your vehicle insurance policy more costly; it is the automobile accident or violation behind it that makes your car insurance rates to go up.

Usually, if you’re needed to carry the SR-22 certificate of financial responsibility, it’s for reasons that can cause your vehicle insurance provider to view you as more of a financial risk to them. A few reasons that a SR-22 might be requested can include:

  • You have failed to supply proof to DMV that you’ve liability insurance policy.
  • You have been found guilty of operating without insurance coverage.
  • You have been in an accident without car insurance.
  • You’re trying to get a hardship or probationary permit.
  • Found guilty of a DUI/ DWI or certain other major moving infractions.
  • You are found to be a habitual traffic offender.
  • You are reinstating your license right after suspension or revoked license.

If you are viewed as a high-risk motorist, because of something your insurance provider checks on your driving history, your vehicle insurance costs will be increased — whether or not the SR-22 is required.

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