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Do I Need Car Insurance to Get Tags?

Reader’s Question:

Do I need car insurance when getting paper tags?



Generally yes. You will have to present proof of car insurance before getting temporary tags.

State laws vary. Nevertheless, the majority of states require you to definitely have auto insurance on a registered automobile, even though you just purchased and have only paper or temporary plates on your car.

There are many states that need you to present proof of auto insurance when you title and register a vehicle, and therefore get a paper or real license plates (tags).

In some other states, there is no need to present actual proof of car insurance when you are getting your paper or permanent plates, however , you are required to get at least the state needed liability insurance coverages on the car.

In most states, whenever you sign your registration and license plate documents, you verify that the vehicle is insured and will continue to be insured by auto insurance for the entire registration period.

If you’re obtaining the paper plate from a dealer, it depends on state laws first and policies of the car dealership second. When the law doesn’t need that you present proof of insurance coverage, the guidelines of the dealership may need you to present proof of insurance to drive the vehicle off the lot with the paper plates.

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