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Hello Austin, my name is Doug. I just stumbled into your site and read the article on air conditioning and heating problems, great information. Thank you.

One quick question: I drive an 81 DeLorean, 2 seater, very small interior and old school ac vents. The car doesn’t really circulate the air very well inside. My question, can I add a separate ac unit to the interior of the car, similar to having an ac unit inside a house but way smaller? If you have any suggestions I will greatly appreciate it.

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Thanks for your email Doug

I have never worked on a Delorean…so I am not up to par with what is readily available. They do make some under dash mounted a/c units like for trucks and Jeeps, but I don’t think that will be an option for you.

If the air is cold, but the volume of air is low, you could have a bad or weak a/c fan blower motor, or there could be something in the dash restricting air flow…which might require dashboard removal to investigate.

Run your hand along the sides, top, and bottom of the dash to see if you feel any cold air where it should not be.

If your a/c is not cold, you should add some Freon, then have a leak test done to the system.

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