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Deciding Whether to Replace the Car or Keep it

The decision of which car to drive and when it’s time to sell your car or give it to the account of another person is a big decision. There are many things to consider when trying to change the car, including future expenses, the age of the car, which can give a value to you and your dealer.

Consider the age and mileage of the car.

A car with over 100,000 miles on its odometer will have more mechanical problems than a newer car. Keep in mind also the type of use we have given the car. The winter driving on asphalt has probably done more damage to the car due to salt and potholes, so this should be taken into account when deciding if you stay with it or sell it.

Add the value of recent repairs

Add the amount of money you spent on repairs in the last 2 years. If repair costs are greater than the value of the car, you are getting more expensive to maintain, what it would cost you to sell and buy another one again.

Consider your finances

Please note all of your financial situation into consideration and have events that are to take place and require savings, such as insurance payments or tuition. Be honest with yourself about whether you can afford the monthly payment for a car to your monthly budget. If you can not, could be financially smarter to keep the car and buy a new one later

Check out the offers from dealers

If you decide to sell or give your car to buy another account, it must be worthwhile. Search for promotions on local dealers to see what you can get your car to give account to purchase a newer model. Many dealers accept a deposit or loan subtracting the value of your car before. But many dealers do this only at certain times of year, so you should look for the right time.

Looking for a second opinion

Sometimes buying a new car is more a matter of “want” than “need”, so ask your opinion to a friend or family member about your decision. They can give a more objective view on whether or not you should buy a car or if you should continue with it.

Determine the value of your car

Each car has a value assigned according to the model, age and mileage. Learn how to determine which is the value attached to your car to help you to compare if and value of available vehicles, new or used are better than you are currently driving.

Use a free evaluation system such as Kelly Blue Book to determine the value of your car based on where it was built, model, mileage, condition and the number of accidents you have had. The service is free and most of the dealers agree their budgets.

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