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Dallas Auto Insurance

Reader Question Hi Austin, I see you talk about auto insurance alot, and you have that banner listed on your website for an auto insurance quote comparison…which is how I found your site.

Before I submit my rate quote I wanted to ask you if there was anything I can do to get the premium down…anything easy that is. Thanks for your time and your site.
Dallas Texas


Thanks for your email and your kind words. 🙂 YES, there are a few things you can EASILY do to insure you get the lowest rate on your auto insurance.

1. Raise your deductible – that is the amount of the claim YOU will be responsible to pay for. Most people carry a low deductible…thinking they will save money when and if they have a claim, they will only pay out a small portion of the claim. The fact is though, with a low deductible you will be paying a MUCH higher annual premium….for YEARS!

If you are like me, I have not had a claim in over 10 years…if I had a low $250 deductible I would probably have been paying $300+ more per year in premiums than if I had raise my deductible to $1,000. During the last 10 years…that could have cost me $3,000 in additional premiums. If you are a safe driver with a good claim history….why pay that added amount each year?

And…you only pay the deductible amount if the claim was paid by your insurance company. So you have to have an accident and file a claim AND the claim has to be paid by your insurance before you will be required to pay the deductible amount.

2. Ask for discounts – military, limited use vehicles, good grades for students, alarms and anti theft devices, dual air bags, affiliation with a credit union, combining home/health/life insurance policies with one carrier…these are all great easy ways to get a lower rate on your Dallas auto insurance. sooooo ask!

Enter your zip code in the banner above, fill out a few questions and you will get up to 5 rate quotes to compare online…it’s FREE and there is no obligation what so ever to buy anything.

When looking to buy a new vehicle, find quotes for different types of cars to get the best rates. If you’re buying locally, brands like Toyota of Dallas might differ from other car companies on insurance premiums. Find out what you might be paying before you buy.

Austin Davis

Dallas Auto Insurance

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