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Daihatsu Applause Car

Reader Question: What do you tell people about saving on maintenance bills while servicing a very reliable pleasant Daihatsu Applause, which does not appear to be included in your list of makes?


Hey Hi there John,

I am not familiar with that vehicle and only really seen one Daihatsu in my shop over the past 10 years or so. I do not think that make and model are available in the U.S.

If you are referring the makes listed with the Alldata online repair manual…you are correct, it might not be listed as they only service most popular vehicles on the road in the U.S.

You might want to run a search on eBay for a used service manual or contact a dealership in your area to see if they can order a factory service repair manual for you.

Austin Davis

Reader Follow Up

Thank you Austin ,

I suspect you are correct in that they may not have been offered in USA . The company was under Toyota majority ownership & the product withdrawn from this market recently to eliminate a very successful & durable competitor from their smaller category market .

Daihatsu have an excellent reputation here in every respect . In fact Toyota engine castings bore the big ‘D’ Daihatsu trademark as well as their own for many years — not sure about now .

Applause replaced the Charmande which is very popular in Indonesia as Taxis ,used a SOHC 1600cc 16valve engine shared with Feroza 4WD , of very high output/liter .

I once saw a leaded fuel 1 liter 3 cylinder Charade engine removed for replacement at almost 400,000 km ,having a dry white (leaded )exhaust interior & upon lifting the head found no feeling of wear in the cylinders .

By the way ,in case you didn’t know , while the ‘hardly- dry- behind-the- ears’ media writers are announcing Volvo’s entry into the V/8 market .

In the XC90 ,locally , they do not even recognize that they once marketed a B36 v/8 — visually 2- B18’s in V format , but not so simple — & they were sold as Marine engines ,though made for a light truck .

I owned one for several years coupled to a 200 Stern Drive leg as original factory release having 2 dual Carter Carbies & Imperial threads — & gloriously smooth horse like no other .



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