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Credit History and Car Insurance

Reader’s Question:

Is there an insurance company that do not check credit history?



There is no insurance policy that only depends on driving history any longer. All of them utilize other reporting now to obtain a more precise car insurance rate for every rating group. For instance, here are typical reports which are taken by most insurance providers:

Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exhange
Additional Motorist Discovery
Insurance Scoring (based on credit score)
Driving History
Not every insurance companies look at credit score whenever a particular person buys car insurance so you might be able to locate one locally that could not look at your credit history for their credit score.

The most wonderful thing to try and do is to look around for insurance policy and locate a provider that doesn’t check out or use credit record as a rating component if that is essential to you. You might find that firms which use more thorough reports can provide you with a more accurate/specific car insurance rate for your situation. You will start comparison shopping for car insurance. In certain states, some insurance companies doesn’t use credit for score.

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